What an adventure!

I started to fly into Singapore, got accommodated at the Regent hotel to prepare for the boarding the Paul Gaugin Cruise and join Shoes Only Travel as their Burlesque Teacher and performer throughout this unique lifestyle cruise.

It was one of the most wonderful experiences, to work with these amazing ladies, who all really went beyond their comfort zone, put themselves out there and trusted me completely…

I am overwhelmed and made the most amazing connections, met such interesting people and really enjoyed to teach and perform.

After 9 days on the boat, I took a flight to Bali to “rest” for 13 days and have a solid beach vacation.

Unfortunately I had to deal with an inflamed tendon, could not rest but had to do my daily yoga and 2 amazing photo shoots, which had me end up with an additional sun stroke just before my 40 hour travel back home.

But, I have pictures that made it all worth and it shows again… how much I love my work and how passionate I am… how excited I get when I see something turning out real well!

Thank you universe for such an incredible experience!

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