No words to express this feeling after last Friday’s show! I had the honor to be part of this very unique , mind-blowing, epic glacier spectacle show “Hannibal” . Regardless of heavy snowfall, we gave it all and it was such an amazing crazy beautiful happening! Leaving the team an hour early with my 2 life guards to get to the Venus starting position, in the middle of the glacier behind a huge ice wall , they built a little snow apartment with a little terrace of one square meter that was my stage for the first minutes of the piece and then get picked up by the Helicopter! Sitting there in this unique piece of nature.. Watching how the field and tribune fills itself with thousands of people… Being wrapped in blankets, drinking tea and mentally preparing for the big adventure that is just about to kick in! The countdown hits 10 seconds … The red bengal fire is lit behind me and the show begins…. The helicopter comes, the rope goes down.. My lifeguards hook me in with the sling being attached to my body harness and I get pulled up and over to get away from the ice wall… The flight was…. speechless… wordless… Everything I can dream of! Big thank you to my pilot and the caption and coordinator .. and man of trust Hans Huemer who took such amazing care of me.. Getting in the air… and down so smoothly but with dynamic! Thank you to Everybody who made this happen and was part of it!! What a great show that rocks my world and that makes me so happy and grateful to be able to do this … And for the role of my dreams! Venus!

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