This was a very hard project… and I wont go into details… but the best thing that came out of all of it was the connection with the other dancers who I spent a very intense month with. Besides my brother (soul brother)¬† Christopher Lewis Dunston… who I met in Brooklyn , NY on my very first day of my 7 years NY experience and who is living with me now in Salzburg, we had Chey and Shyno from Spain… 2 amazing individuals but also the funniest beat boys i ever met… we had¬†Ousman from Germany .. an urban/hip hop dancer full of energy, enthusiasm, style, funk and presence and our dance captain Niako from Paris… who was such a huge inspiration and honor to work with. Outside of the project…we learned so much and new friendships started to shape… new connection are laid out… and i am looking forward to see and collaborate with them again.

We premiered the piece jan 30th and 31st, and i am happy this production came to an end.

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