Jasmin Rituper is a performing and teaching artist and a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher. She works as a performer in the in the fields of dance, performance art, aerial acrobatics, circus arts, burlesque, modeling and acting. In the teaching and creating fields, she works as a yoga, dance and acrobatic teacher, gets hired to create dance and movement choreography for stage and on camera work and she does catwalk and posing coaching. Because of constant curiosity for new ways of physical expressions, a long, disciplined, dedicated and wide ranged educational path, Jasmin has collected and manifested a strong vocabulary of disciplines that allow her to work in different fields of the artistic and the commercial world. Anything from traditional theater and stage work to film, music videos, commercials, concerts, fashion shows, events, galas is under her repertoire.

Jasmin was born in Salzburg, Austria where she started to dance at the age of three in the ballet school, founded by her mother Eva Rituper Dietz, who was a dancer herself and passed away in 1981. At the age of 10, Jasmin became part of the public ballet school of the Salzburg Landestheater, until she graduated high school in 1998, lived and trained in vienna for 2 years and moved to Amsterdam in 2000 with a full scholarship for the Amsterdam theater school where she graduated with a B.A. in Dance and Musical Theater, four years later. After the academy she worked with some dutch contemporary/jazz and concert dance companies, toured through the Netherlands as a dancer in a tango opera, was part of MAF (miraculous art freaks) and Movamentalist – both freelance dance and performance companies for various events in the dance and entertainment scene – dance/music festivals, company events, clubs, art exhibitions..

In 2007 Jasmin moved to New York where she started working full-time in the entertainment field, focused first on the urban dance, film and commercial scene got more skilled with acting and modeling (trained in basic stunts, fight choreography and wire work) and started to turn herself into a strong, well-rounded physical performer for various genres, constantly driven by passion and hunger for development and self-expression through different ways and forms.

She discovered her love working in various elements and surroundings such as water and air, using aerial apparatuses – silk, lyra, harness, hammock – going after photo projects with extreme or action packed conditions. She also found herself getting more involved into the burlesque scene which got her also into teaching burlesque workshops among other dance and movement styles.

After spending almost 6 years in NY, Jasmin was invited back to Salzburg by former minister for cultural projects Dr. Alfred Winter, to work on a few big jobs and to establish and build a relationship with her home town Salzburg, which lead into becoming house choreographer/dancer for the orchestra “Philharmonie Salzburg”, got cast as the new Goddess Venus in the surreal glacier spectacle show – “Hannibal” – produced by Hubert Lepka, tourist association Soelden and sponsored by Red Bull, performed once a year in the Tyrolian alps, in Soelden. Venus has a significant part in this show, where she is hanging on a 100 ft steel rope from the helicopter flying and dancing over the Oetztaler Alps.

She teaches dance and acrobatic and does movement choreography at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg, a funded theater. She also teaches power yoga, twerk-out, urban styles, contemporary and burlesque in various studios, schools, institutions and at dance festivals and workshops.

Otherwise she gets booked as a dancer and aerialist to perform for galas, conventions, fashion shows, other events and does lots of modeling for photo shoots, fine art, artistic nude and body-painting.

Her first evening filling show about her life story wrapped as a modern multi media fairytale will premiere next year early 2017.